My Vist To The "Vishrambaug Wada"

Located on the bustling junction of Shivaji road and RB Kumthekar of Pune, Vishrambaug Wada tells the tale of Pune long lost in history books. Once a house to relax for Pune's Peshwa royalty, the building is now primarily a collection of government offices, though conservation efforts are on to keep it's history alive.

Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
Vishrambaug Wada
Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
Wooden canopy in front

History of Vishrambaug Wada

During the era of Peshwa Bajirao of Pune, a large mansion was built as he wanted another house to live, away from the busy locality of Shukrawar Wada. For this he close the then quite neighbourhood and Vishrambaug Wada was built in 1807. The principal architects were Mansaram Laxman and Daji Suthar and they were given a princely sum of Rs 72,000 for the work. Over the next six years the wada was competed at a cost of Rs 200,000.

With three large courtyards, the multi-storey wada was huge and provided for all comforts for the royalty. The most notable feature of the wada was the east facing and beautifully carved wooden canopy which is still in its place.

Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
Entrance to the wada
Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
The view inside 
Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
Man of Maharashtra building 

After his defeat to the British, Bajirao was exiled to a small town near Kanpur though the wada was used by his wife for a few more years. After the British took over Pune, the wada was put to multiple uses, but usually as a Center of learning for Sanskrit, agriculture, engineering and other fields.

Vishrambaug Wada wasn't the only mansion built during the late Peshwa period, and many more were built which showcased the glory of the era, for instance the Shukrawar Wada. Unfortunately most of the princely wadas are long gone now, and with them an important part of Pune's history. However, despite a huge fire which destroyed a major part of the wada in 1871, it survived and currently undergoing conservation, though at snail's pace. The fact that such an important building now houses a post office and many other smaller office of PMC, makes it impossible to see the entire place and experience the Peshwa era.

Vishrambaug Wada - things to see and do!

So is there nothing to see there at all? Well, there is and in my opinion it's still worth a visit. There is a permanent exhibition called 'Punawadi to Punyanagari' on the first door which beautifully showcases the history of the city. It's quite simply organised and I think that's the beauty of it, Peshwa royalty was much less indulgent compared to their North Indian contemporaries, and the exhibition brings that to the fore.

Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
The exhibition at the wada
Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
View from one of the balconies...busy Pune!
Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
The main entrance...

Another way of getting a more intimate look at the Wada is by attending the heritage walk of Pune. It's usually organised on every Sunday and culminates at the wada for a musical performance at one of the large inner courtyards and breakfast. Usually this part of the wada is inaccessible to public so it's certainly worth a visit within the itinerary of the heritage walk.

How to reach Vishrambaug Wada?

If you are already in Pune, it's easy to reach here by any means - bus, auto-rickshaw or cabs (Ola/ Uber). You also drive and come here, but parking is a pain in this area. I would suggest you park your car at paid public parkings (there are two multi-story parkings there) and then walk here. The biggest landmark is the huge Bank of Maharashtra building and the wada is located right in front of it.

Vishrambaug Wada peshwa travel pune
Panorama of Vishrambaug wada


Vishrambaug WadaRB Kumthekar Rd, Perugate, Sadashiv PethPune, Maharashtra 411030




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